Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MING (cml, 1968)

She runs about me now 
Her big blue eyes see everything 
I stop to say, the telephone rings 
for me.

I must be going now 
She say, “Good-bye” as I close the door 
She settles down, upon the floor 
and sleeps.

She meets me at the door 
She's glad I'm back, hoping I will stay 
Don't worry ‘bout tomorrow, it’s now today 
for her. 

Her daddy comes home soon 
He'll say to her, “Have you eatin' yet?” 
He prepares for bed, and gives her a pet 
on the head .

As he turns out the light 
She runs to him, as if to say 
Thank-you, daddy, for a beautiful day 
contentedly and then sleeps, 

Dedicated: Bill Rowlett's Siamese cat 

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