Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Resilient energy. Enduring physical or mental energy that allows somebody to do something for a long time. Sometimes it is running in sand or walking through water. Other times, like late at night, this can be a continuous stimuli.

Endurance. The ability to bear prolonged hardship. Or is it just thick skin.

Toleration. Acceptance of beliefs or practices that are different from those you uphold. Turn the other cheek or just look away.

Fortitude. Strength and endurance in a difficult or painful situation
The ability to keep trying especially over long periods of time.
Determined to continue without giving up in spite of difficulties. It's called LIFE.

Persistence. Continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties. What is the alternative? Cave it?

Adaptability. Able to adjust easily to different conditions or environments.
Example: Park Avenue gets to be two lanes around my old college, with cars parked on one side. Very narrow for a bike. And it's curved. A trash truck pulled out in front of me today, so I turned and went down Plum to Grove. A short detour. Some people would fuss and cuss and dread the thought of loosing their routine and time. Or you can adapt and enjoy the new scenery. A road less traveled. And if you plan your time right (I'm always early), you lose nothing and gain a new experience.

So stay with it.

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