Friday, September 5, 2008

Living In The Trees

The corner dog barks at the passing postman. The winds have not started but there is a hurricane coming. Probably be here tomorrow. The grocery store was being boarded by the old crew stocking up for the blow. 

I check around the yard for things that might blow away. Put up the lawn tools and put the right door back on the tool shed. The pine tags will probably blow off the roof so I don't have to rack them. The grill is covered. Take down the umbrella, but I'll see about the chairs. I've already racked up the leaves from out front. 
So with a beer at my side, I wind down from a week out of the office. No phone calls, no emails, no watch. 
And did I get anything accomplish? Why is that the reason to take a vacation? I did get the safe deposit box paid, but have not heard about drilling a new key. I wonder what treasures I have in there. I'll call again next week. 
In the background is the "Hula Girl". One of many so far re-recorded with additional tracks. Some interesting things have been happening there. Picking up old songs and looking at the words. This was my poetry from high school. Rather dark, but some funny lines. I'm getting more relaxed recording on this little laptop. 
The birds are coming down for their daily delights of blueberries and small peanut butter sandwiches. The pack of kangaroo squirrels have already been swing out through the jungle gym yard of tall pines and trellises covered in ivy. 
As clouds start to fill the blue sky, the air changes. Space and time are shifting. 
Need to change the paper towel holder. That means I have to unlock the tool chest. Too much trouble for now. Drink another beer. 
The odometer on my Redline bike started working again. It has bugged me all week. I would not record the speed and thus no additional mileage. Why it stopped working and then started again? Maybe it is the hurricane coming. 
I look around at some of the projects I have listed on my bulletin board and smile. It will take me forever to get to this bucket list. And these are simple "to-do" items. No life altering task. 
"Snow Me" plays in the background. The term made up to indicate what a girl can do to a guy. Ah, emotion. Where did that go? "And did it have to be pickle? " 
A grilling book, "Can't Buy Me Love" by Jonathan Gould, "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch, "Festivals" by Jim Marshall and Damon Wofman, Bottleneck styles, and a Tom Petty song book sit in a pile on the Union Jack covering the keyboard. Bike helmet, gloves, corn holders, roll of paper towels, gum, brushes, blue handkerchief, box of green tea, and a box of cassette tapes ranging from "The Masked Maurders" to "Rainy Day Feelings" with a little "Flags" book stuffed in there among the plastic cases.

Time to record some more. "Walking the Board" is playing. Take off to "Walking the Dog", with a 65 summer switch of learning how to surf at Wrightsful. Living on a beach for a summer is a wonderful remembrance. The next song to replay will be "Harvard Is The University For Me", the song I wrote for Junior Stunt Night at high school. I wrote it as a take off from the Ringo Starr version of "Act Naturally" so I won't have to do a musical song. It's filled some time between skits. Just me and my old red archtop guitar in front of the curtain while sets were changed. A few quick minutes on the stage in front of an audience that did not include my family. 

So Steve, start writing more on your blog or you may end up like this. 

Living in the trees. 

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