Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mister Right

Good night Mister Wright. 

You were never a real super rock and roll star, but you gave us some nice drippy soothing wave of keyboard sound. You balanced the dry thump bass heartbeat, the rolling padded drums, and echo slide steely guitar. You filled the void where the water flowed over the ceiling in a William and Mary dorm room. 

Your obit was small, but they did put your picture in. We all knew you were sick and frail, but you kept going. 

Not forceful in a ego band, but you single album was soft and comfortable, but forgettable. You fit better in this Pink surrounding. 

I enjoyed watching you behind the fog of the "Dark Side" and the play off with the other keyboard artist in the DVD. A rock star who smiles. Nice.

So good night crazy keyboard player. You played a good tune. Shine on.

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