Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning - No Blacks

Another Sunday morning ride. The air is fresh and cool. The sky bright and peppered with clouds. Today is a reverse ride. Start at the end and end at the beginning. 

And the thoughts of the day? 

I must be a thrill seeker, but I never thought so. I notice I ride on a 2 foot path. A line of massive metal monster sit at my right waiting to grab me with their jaws while inches away mobile metal monsters zip by steered by people eating, talking on the phone, or in a hurry to get nowhere. These 2 ton monsters pass by me at 30+ miles an hour and I feel their whoosh as they pass. Any one of them could take me out for good. And I do this every day.

But the thought of the day is where are all the African-Americans? I noticed on the routine of "Sunday Morning" there were stories of selling art while the economy sinks, parlor magic, and geese flying, there are NO BLACKS? 

I use the term in respect for the Power movement. Black Power to me was the best of the Power movements. Gay Power, Girl Power, Peace Power, Jesus Power, ..... 

People just like you or me, but with a different skin color, who have been in servitude  for generations found a voice in the 60's. Black Power! Suddenly an entire population took pride in themselves and their roots.  The Afro, like other long hair, gave a definitive look to a culture (though it didn't work well for white guys). 

So where are they in the "Sunday Morning" program? There is a segment with a columnist who is black, but in the Vanity Fair party seen, there are no people of color, except for a few of the far east area. 

Is this an elites show? Is this a show of feel good comments to the Caucasian culture to make them warm and fuzzy on this day of rest? And why aren't they sitting in pews at their local religious building? 

Well think about it.

So after the parade of babies, the power pump up Libbie hill, the trip to the grocery store for potatoes and corn to cook on the grill, cleaning the fan, feeding the fish, and watching football.... it time to sweep up some more leaves out front. 

Gotta wait for the mobile machine to move from in front of the abode. Gotta wait for half time. Gotta wait.

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