Sunday, September 20, 2009

30 Years

Today, September 9th, in 1979 I moved into my house with a $29,000.00 mortgage.

3 bedrooms, tiny kitchen, and an unfinished second floor.

Through the years, the electricity has been upgraded, funiture came and went and moved from room to room, hobbies filled the rooms and walls were built.

The yard has gone from the suburban green grass to a wooded park complete with pond and outdoor office.

And of course, the critter crewe has changed and grown through the years.

So now, officially retired, I looked around this asbestos siding, lead pipe, gas supply air blown furnace house and try to figure what I want to do with it?

Perhaps a few repairs and a little paint then settle into the garden


LoveBug said...

Gregg and I didn't realize that you moved just after we got married (8/26/79). I still think of the Franklin Street house when I think of you; seems strange that was over 30 years ago! It sounds like you're doing a good thing by restoring your home. Don't forget the offer of help from your PA pals!

TripleG said...

Sometime you find a retirement project; sometimes it finds you.

TripleG said...

The calico cat is beautiful, and the tuxedo cat looks pretty pissed off!
Is this huge project keeping you out of Joe's Inn too much?