Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changing Gears

Rain today.

Put a change in the schedule so the newspaper came first after two bottles of water and oranges. Nothing new in the printed page that I had not heard about the day before.

Move outside.

Feed the fish and the yard critters.

Pause in the drops so grab the white Bianica and my blue jacket for Tuesdays run.

Two streets through following the recycling truck when thump! Flat tire.

Close enough to walk back home and grab Marion to finish the regular ride.

A call to Salvation Army just to have the phone die....so....

Take Bianica in for a fixed foot and chat.

So recharged called the Army and listed the forth load. Tomorrow these will be on the way to others and more boxes will be filled.

And progress is a scratch away, yet so much more to do.

And things could be worse as I saw a tree (not a branch, an entire tree) across the road and had to change gears and turn around on another path.

So you never know what will cross your path and must be ready to change gears.

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