Thursday, September 3, 2009


The sound of a mobile machine door slams as I turn the corner.

I look but there is no movement ahead.

Lines of color monster metal machines line my path.

Where is the driver?

These metal carriers full of oil and gas and man-made materials and glass, ready to light up and jump out into the road like a waiting tiger.

Or stretch it's metal sharp wings into a unmovable barrier.

So I scan each side of this canyon of sleeping beast for a shadow, a light, a sound.

Made it through this block of immobile transportation, but there are many more blocks to go.

Be aware and share the road.


Art said...

but your Bi-Kur-Kle is full of metal Oil (well, pertroliem products), and even glass if you have a mirror...

nimrodstudios said...

But a smaller footprint and no gasses (unless I eat the wrong things)