Sunday, September 27, 2009


The other day during my morning ride I saw a sticker on a mobile machine reading "Richmond Balance" and it made me ponder.

What is that? Is it a business, like a yoga or palates shop? Is it a statement for a organization trying to get the city to balance the new and old, black and white, ball parks and performance art?

Balance has an even deeper meaning. It is equilibrium, the balance between opposing forces.

Riding a bicycle is all about movement and balance. Without balance....? You fall over.

But life is about balance also. Balance the time for others and time for yourself. Balance the need against the want. Balance the good against the bad. Balance the spirit against the forces on the body.

With today's world of constant exposure to immediate information and trying to sort it all will shake the balance of the world.

Just remember, you can turn it off. How important are the hundred of useless email you receive every day? They can become spam? Do you really need to have your phone with you every minute to receive the twit or face book update?

Is this what is most important to you?

So try to balance your life between what makes you happy, rather than what fills your time.

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