Wednesday, February 3, 2010



With a blanket of white a wall is built around me by nature.

Isolation is supposed to be the hardest punishment in prison.

Isolation is a being locked tight away from any communication, sight, or interaction with the present, the past or the future.

Isolation means the inner being must survive on it’s own.

Isolation is the lack of interaction between beings.

I have been isolated in a room full of people, some familiar, some of them strangers.

Conversations, sharing of thoughts, laughter, and tears among those who are familiar and cherished is what our society terms “normal”.

Some call this “family”.

Perhaps due to family training, perhaps due to cultural moirés, isolation buffers our internal inadequacies to cope with our surroundings.

Electronic media of the Internet and television brings incoming news and information, some true, some not.

And the isolation from others has a history to it.

Perhaps my own isolation from family formed an environment of separation?

I appreciate the quiet times, but this winters walled cold days have been tough.

Too many thoughts of days gone by, dreams realized, hopes never achieved, all the while surrounded by the beautiful white glow of winter.

Take a long breathe knowing warmth and spring are on the way.

Cold makes the mind wander to different places, some dark, yet the morning brings the sound of feathered friends and the glow of light.

Time to venture out.

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