Monday, February 22, 2010

30 Years Ago in Black and White

30 Years ago, Radio Rick came over and captured the new house in the first snow of 1979

The white kitchen with a double ceramic sink
A hallway from he office room to the bathroom with shelves in the middle
A loading dock and hot water heater upstairs
An art room with drawing board and markers
A music room for reel-to-reel recordings
The black and white greek shower curtain
The dining room holding a bike and painting from my first wife
Piano, air conditioner, television, stereo to make a living room
Plain back of the house with wires draping over a green lawn
Lavender azaleas and tall pine in the front yard
Big numbers and metal awnings
A lot has changed since then.

1 comment:

Art said...

a time-scape... neat! Better than having to look at your pee pee.