Sunday, February 14, 2010


From growing up in the 50s and 60s, there were several rules to behavior.

Guys hung around with guys, girls hung around with girls.

The segregation, as real as the white and black separation, was integrated during teen years.

Dancing brought the warm softness and sweet smells of another being within grasp.

The behavior holds true to this day.

The guys get in the man cave watching rude comedies or sports, slapping each other over alcohol and rude stories, while their significant other gather to discuss children, health, and the hot pool boy who will be the boy toy when the money train is gone.

So do the gay folk have it right?

If the same gender could be the best pal, buddy stories, connection to past experiences, hangovers, and also have sex, would that be the perfect couple?

I don’t have any tendencies for a lifestyle change, but I can understand the attraction without fear to cross the gender line.

It is a big leap to share the other world.

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cj said...

Don't be afraid. We don't bite...much.