Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Blog?


Diaries? Journals?

Some of us keep schedules. Most are online or on the computer or cell.

Time was when at the end of the day, written words on paper captured the activities and thoughts of the day.

Before high school, I started keeping records of the days events.

This was probably an extension from recording school, church or club memorabilia or maybe the signature capture of autographs.

Photos replaced the written word, but I kept diaries through much of my teen years.
Just little notes, a few lines trying to capture a day in the life.

Most were boring, some were memorable, and others were unforgettable.

So this year, I decided I would not keep records of the day-by-day thoughts.

The past has been put in a wooden footlocker, for distance review, if necessary.

They are written records of just another life.

So the blog has taken over the recording of life, and it has been helpful.

The pen-to-paper writings were the only recordings of life, then placed into a darken box.

Like dreams, these were meaningless but important at the time.

The blog allows thoughts, feelings and remembrances typed and recorded on the air.

Anyone, everyone is welcomed to view the innermost thoughts, without restrictions, and even given the option to comment on dreams.

Are we more secure in our internal or do we just blast our souls out to everyone hoping for a glance and maybe a response?

Writing a Blog has been helpful, writing down the past year and if the hard drive fails and the memory is wiped out, so be it.

Perhaps life should be on the edge.

I know I write more now like poetry, in short phrases of thoughts.

Perhaps it is attention value or lack there of, but as life progresses, a simple view makes the waste disappear.

Continue reading if you will, for I will continue writing, drawing, listening, and observing life behind blue eyes.
The past diaries will rest in the trunk for a future review.

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