Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We come into this life alone and we leave alone.

We view life, read books, are exposed to art, color, nature through only own two eyes.

We hear music, words, speeches, and laughter through our two ears.

We share, converse, and learn through the conversation with others.

We grow close to some and push others away, and yet they grow close with others.

If lucky, we can feel warmth inside being in the company of another, but we will never be able to fully share their life.

We all have the same number of minutes to a day.

We create our taste and attitudes from influences of family, friends, and trends.

Jobs, family, organizations, and friends structure the life’s schedule, but the responsibility for the decisions of time management rest with one.

Icesolation is the time before drifting off to strange dreams reviewing the decisions made to the options presented.

So when the sun rises, breaking the darkness with light and the day lays ahead, only one person can decide what to do.

No excuses, no blame, no one else can do it.

The obituary will only tell of what one has achieved, accomplished, joined, learned, taught, and propagated.

That is the solution to icesolation.

Just get up, pull up your pants, take a deep breath and get on with it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another day.

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Rus Wornom said...

Friday? Joe's? Need it BAD!!!