Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Snow Day

“Why I remember the winter of 2010. We were stuck in the house with over a foot of snow and every weekend there was more. By the time we shoveled out, it would snow again. Why the nation’s capital was closed down for a week. Nothing moved. Power was out. We sat in darkness reading the computer screens by candle light.”

“What? But grandpa you said there was no power?”

“Oh yeah, we were snow blind. The cold affected our brains. And, ah, our laptops had these huge batteries that lasted for days. “

“Grandpa, you are making all of this up. There couldn’t have been all that weather in the global warming.”

“One in three Americans was affected by these continuing snow storms. Flights were cancelled. Trains stopped. Highways cluttered with wrecked cars. People skied on the streets. Schools were closed.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Really, this was the worst storm since the 1800’s. Wind gust up to 50 mph. It took me 2 hours to walk a mile to the 7-11.”

“What is a 7-11 and why did you have to walk there?”

“I trudged through the snow and slide on the ice to get alco…. Err.. my medicine. Grandpa must have his medicine.”

“So how did you survive?”

“We didn’t. We were buried under so much snow….. Well we all froze.”

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