Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Dark Time

Sleep is when the body has to rest
But sleep is often over too soon
There is a time when the mind wakes
but the body is not ready

The dark time

Before the light filters through the leaves
Before the birds announce another day
While the city sleeps, the mind wakes

No full stream of consciousness
glimpses of phrases
and if the body tosses back to an unconscious state
strange visions appear
in black and white

picnics in alleys
convertible rides with an old girl friend
parties in empty buildings
shooting galley
familiar strangers
Always surprises

Some are shocking
Enough to shake the body
Enough to wet the collar
Enough to shout in an empty room

But the birds call out to one another
the darkness fades to light
and another day presents itself
with new experiences and adventures

and tonight

there will be the dark time

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