Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holding Their Ear

Since the weather has warmed up and more people are out and about, I’ve noticed a new spring ritual.

Everyone is holding on to one ear. It is usually the right ear, but there are some lefties out there.

People are walking and holding their ear
People are driving and holding their ear
People are pushing their baby strollers and holding their ear
People are eating and holding their ear
People are exercising and holding their ear
People are shopping and holding their ear

It seems that a new spring ritual has occurred. Everyone must hold one ear while doing his or her daily routines.

Painters are holding their ear
Carpenters are holding their ear
Policemen are holding their ear
Doctors are holding their ear
Housewives are holding their ear
Students are holding their ear

Maybe during the snowy months, an alien force beamed down a plague upon the earth to all the warm houses making everyone want to hold their ear. (Luckily my house was cold so I was not affected)

Maybe it is a cult ritual and holding one ear is a sign to others members. (I must have missed that memo)

And not only does everyone hold his or her ear….
They are talking.

There was a time when people who just walked around talking to no one was deemed unusual and put into a funny farm, but today, no one seems to notice. Perhaps that is because everyone is walking around just yacking away when no one else is in sight.

I’m just staying away from these weird beings, knowing full well they are possessed by some outer world phenomena, their spirit taken over and living dead being walking around, hanging on to their ear.


TripleG said...

Years ago, our crew was having lunch in the Capitol cafeteria, and I pointed out a perfectly normal-looking lady at the next table doing just that. We thought she did not look demented, but could not figure out why she was talking to herself. Here we were in the communications business, and none of us had heard of Bluetooth yet. We felt a little foolish later (but did not look as foolish as people jabbering away into space).

Rus Wornom said...

Come join us...