Friday, April 9, 2010


On Friday night, after the PBS News Hour, Washington Week and the comical the McLaughlin Group, I sit back for meaningless adventures with a twist on CBS. It's a cop show (of course) with two brothers, one an FBI tough guy and one a mathematical savant. The show is called "Numbers", but this week it was not on. Another show, "Miami Medical" took it's place.

Now "Numbers" was only fascinating, and only sometimes, for the calculations given to derive an answer, and the t-shirts were cool the first year, but maybe the idea wore itself out and the network threw in another blood drama.

Then I thought about the idea of numbers.

We all have numbers.
Our social security is our global identification as a number.

Our address is a number.

Our birth date is a number.

Our bank account is a number.

Then there are those other numbers that are unique to us.

Dates, like marriages, birthdays, graduations, employments.

Even times to remember a certain experience.

4/2/2009, 8:23, 12/23/1983, 7/4/2009, 11/12/1957.... all special numbers.

And when your number is up?

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