Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I should have known

Going to the grocery on "senior" day.

I looked at the shelf and the small refrigerator, the feed was drying up.

After a ride with my old friend, it was a break to clean the pond filter, then back to the grocery with big blue.

Locking up on the rack and avoiding the traffic.

Gathering two black bags to get 5 cents credit, I wandered into the fray.

After selecting a steel chart, I turned to the opening to the produce only stopping for the traffic to abide.

As I waited, a white hair woman slowly pushed her cart into the sliding doors and with a snails pace, she move forward. I stood facing the cart into a solid glass partition, as she turned to me and said "Are you coming here?"

I looked at her as if she didn't know I was facing a solid piece of glass and smiled.

"Cliff's House....Tavern Bar....what does that mean?" she asked as she passed with one eye closing.

"It was given as a friend." I said as I found a escape route.

Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, multi-gran bread, slice cheese, crappy chicken, cold pizza, kidney beans, yogurt, fruit, veggie chicken, fish, and BEER.

Stopping and waiting for others is not a problem because I see it happening early (a bike experience) .

I accomplish my mission and load up the bike.

It is surprising how much time I bid to others only to allow space and movement.

And in the end, I get all the food stuff for the next month home, safe and sound.

Now it's time to clean the pond filter.

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LoveBug said...

A shout out about your new shirt!! I'm glad it's getting attention! Too bad it attracted an older woman and not a young chickie ;-)