Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It seems we, as human beings, revolve around being with others. We are sociable animals enjoying, even reveling in the company of like-minded creatures.

We form packs of similar beings, who fit a mode we are comfortable with.

The association may be religious, political, educational, professional, or recreational. We gather to discuss families, schools, beliefs, sports, similar attainments or experiences.

These groups may be called organizations, clubs, associations, fraternities, teams or even tribes. There may be symbols or colors or banners associated with these gatherings.

There may be occasions where these groups meet to watch a sporting or political event.

Many are common bonds between people who share an interest or similar experience, but the political gatherings are somewhat different.

These occasions are for groups to select from the masses a person from their group, above all the rest, best suited and meeting the qualifications of the group to be an example of the group's position on issues affecting all.

This one selected individual has worked to present his or her self as the perfect candidate for public office, with the backing of the political gathering's endorsement.

But why are these political gatherings called "party's"?

This is serious stuff.

These candidates will be influenced or influence others to create or change laws that affect how much money we make, where we can travel, how we raise our families, and ultimately how we die.

So join the party. It's a fun group with balloons and big hats and horns and speeches and lots of noise.

And when the party is over..... ?

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