Monday, April 5, 2010

Walking Funny

Temperatures in the 80's, dusty of yellow pollen on everything, children in light colored clothing running in grass followed joyfully by smiling dogs, parades of babies and young parents sharing tips are all signs that spring is here.

Dusting off the cobwebs of winter, it is time to raise the windows and let the old air out of this house. It's time for Spring Cleaning!

Going over the clipboard of projects, trying to organize them in priority and cost, I review what annoys me the most.

1. Electricity - check the lights and the power outside
2. Roofs - both houses need replacement
3. Walls - got the estimate, now just juggle some money around
4. Yard - cut down the highway to the attic

But first.... transportation.

For months I have been taking my morning ride and watching the front tire fading away. The purple liner which started as a spot was becoming a stripe and I knew I was just biding my time.

So after taking Merion into the shop to replace the front tire and brakes, then agreeing for the "spring" overhaul, I left my companion. The walk home reminded me of the muscles used in walking and not biking.

The next morning, I had to make a decision. Which bike to ride?

Big Blue, my work bike or Bianchi? I had not ridden Bianchi all winter due to thin tires don't handle well on slick streets. But I had spent money getting her fixed up last year and it was time.

Refilling the tires, oiling the chain and gears, and a little wipe to make her shine, she was ready like a new filly ready to run.

The usual path seemed to be must faster and the hills seemed smaller, but the roads were bumpy. Bianchi, with all her speed and response, does not have shocks!

Water breaks took on a new meaning. Standing with two feet on the ground to rest my derriere.
By the time I returned home, my bottom knew every bump in the road. She is a wonderful bike, but the boys say "Short trips only, please".

The shop called and said Merion is ready to come home and I am ready to have my morning companion back in the stable.

So, if you see me on my way over to Broad Street, you will recognize me.

I'll be walking funny.


LoveBug said...
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LoveBug said...

Be careful not to hurt the boys!!