Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Not Thinking

We get into the routines of the day following ordinary patterns and paths. After a long, hot ride, checking email and cooling down, I went to the grocery store, as I do every day. Only had one thing on the list, well two if you count beer, but that is a daily necessary.

Weaving around the people who look at labels as if they were written in a foreign language or those old folks who look down aisles in wonderment pondering what the journey holds for them. So I slowly cool in the air conditioning while gathering my carrots, sliced meat, Swiss cheese, bird seed, sunflower seed, peanuts, and Colorado's own.

Once in line at the check out, I place the items on the conveyor belt and wait for the two people in front recheck their bags, fold up their list, and act as if this was the strangest procedure in the world.

Just then it struck me. As I reached for my debit card, I realized I had not picked it up before I left. Without hesitation, I shuffle all the items back into the cart and in reverse order placed them all back on the shelves (I could have left the cart for someone else to resort the items, but I'm funny that way).

As I was leaving the store, a neighbor, looking shocked that I did not have any beer with me, stopped me to question if the world had changed.

"NO, I left my wallet at home. The beer will have to chill a little longer." I responded.

I had gotten into a routine and just was not thinking. I'll blame it on the heat rather than age or lack of sleep.