Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Social Networks

It is a funny phenomenon, this “online” connection with people.
Log into FaceBook, or MySpace, or LinkIt, or the millions of others web sites that you can use for free. Just put down your “profile” of schools, likes, interest and you are ready to browse the world for friends and companions. Meet new people and connect with old friends is the idea.
Then watch every day as people who you know or don’t know post information about what they are doing, where they are going, what their children are learning, and catch photos of silly events and family happenings.
It is like a reality show online, but what is real?
Who cares if you are going to the beach?
Who wants to see your child’s pictures?
Who really want to know??
The Internet is the only link to friends and family I have. I don’t know or care to know my neighbors and friends are far away, so this is the only communication with them.
Much like the family who moved out to Kansas in the early part of the American history, with no communication to anyone close by, they only had themselves to talk to, I wonder what would happen if the power went off.
As we grow closer through the electronic networks, are we more personal than the old face-to-face, look at my expression and read my face conversations? Maybe this is the progression of life where types letters fulfill our want for emotion.
Can we type desire? Can we type ecstasy? Can we type despair?
And does anyone else want to read it?

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Anonymous said...

My power effectively went off -- the Mac died -- so I have to communicate via work computer or phone. What will happen when the power grid is disrupted by solar flares? No more mysterious Asian messages on your blog? People will have to see each other face to face? Dogs and cats living together?