Monday, July 26, 2010

Take Me To The Place Where You Sleep

Our sanctuary is our home. The structure that holds all our worldly goods. The interior area is divided into functional spaces for specific purposes.

Living room, for living
Dining room, for dining
Sitting room, for sitting
Kitchen, for holding appliances and preparing consumption for the dining room
Bath room, for washing and grooming
Bed room!

Bed Room? A space not named for a function but for a piece of furniture?

Why not name the Living room the Sofa room, or the Kitchen the Stove room, or the Bathroom the tub room?

But the bed room is different. An inner sanctuary where the deepest darkest secrets lie. The one space in the home to truly relax. Take off the daily ware and put on comfortable clothing, watch late night television, tell ultimate truths, snuggle, become intimate, and rest the body. Usually the most personal items are kept in this room.

So to find someone true self, ask the question...

"Will you take me to the place where you sleep?"

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