Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Underground

I thought about building a house in a pit of earth. My thought was the soil would keep the shelter stable and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Just cover up the shelter and run some electricity and water and all would be well.

Living Underground.

A block of concrete and solitude would be permanent, but was that the best idea?

The engineering structure of plumbing and power was beyond my expectations. Constructional support to withstand the pressure of the earth was not calculated.

What a wonderful ideal, but what would happen if you lived in this hole?

All alone, in a hole of the earth. All the previsions could be provided, but without light and interaction with the outside world, could we survive?

The top soil would be as a forest, but underground would be the catacomb of electrical wires and pipes providing information and necessaries to the people who live above.

Oh! I just had a thought, I am in the house and don't have to come in from outside.

Maybe I'm am underground after all, but am just realizing it?

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cheryl said...

You don't get out enough, Cliff. We should do something about that.