Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is it the question not the answer?

All the time we search for the answers but don’t know how to ask the questions.

It is a dull gray rainy cold day here. Not like those days to come in the winter when the smart ones hibernate. The sandwich was cold and the beer colder but questions still remain. The yard is fed and the television shows visions of growing up. The mail is probably ready to receive and then be thrown away. The bed is not made nor will it be. The computer clicks messages to those far away even in town or down the block.

Tomorrow the sun will come back out and will brighten the day in many ways. With dry streets the next “To-Do” list will be addressed and ordered. The ponies will stand side-by-side after a their given chores basking in the warmth of the heater that used to heat the entire house.

The thought of boxes put on the walls and floor to be filled with stuffed packed away for three years is exciting. Perhaps that is the Christmas present to myself.

Is that the answer?

Is that the question?