Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lets talk about “ME”

It is what we do.

And why not because what do we know more about than ourselves?

Sure conversations can be about “what the kids are doing” or “the new car” or “the crummy coffee at work” or “the latest best seller” or “if we caught that show on television last night” which will give basic information or confirm shared experiences.

But what the true meaning of a good conversation comes down to is “YOU”.

We talk to other people to get their opinions or ideas on a given topic.

This is what creates friendships.

Sometimes it just reinforces a thought or reaffirms your own personality.

And when someone talks to you what do they expect in return? They want to hear from “you”. They want to know about you. They are willing to listen to your problems and your joys and are grateful for your comments. They even watch your face for expressions and attitude.

For in the long run, that is all “YOU” can bring to the table.

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