Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who’s Paying For That?

As I watch the news every night and ponder the good things that are being done at the massive expenses and wonder…. “Who is paying for that?”
Major disasters, campaigns, wars, protest, travel expense, police protection, signs and posters all cost money. And somebody had to pay for it.
When the cost turned from hundreds to thousands to millions to billons to trillions the mind just boggles at who pays for this?
And the political campaigns just reinforced the idea that WE have too much money and we are wasting it away.
When you put in a hard days work for a hard earned dollar and the expense of food and shelter became affordable one accomplishes their basic needs. Then as time passes and inflation and wants increase the basic needs become extravagant.
Whiles some spend to accommodate their greed or spend to balance their tax burden or spend to for unnecessary wants or spend from physiological distraction, but the point is the money goes out.
Then you look at a disaster with all the can goods and all the water and all the t-shirts, and all the signs, and all the media coverage, and all the first responders and you have to wonder… “Who pays for all of this?”
I guess we all do.

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Art said...

As Granny Aching teaches us:

"We do for them that can't and we speak for them as has no voice"

We do.