Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Season of the Witch

“Tis’ the season” as they say. It is now the “holiday” time of life.
It starts with Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. To finish it off there is the celebration for a New Year.
Now to most, this is the time to gather with family and friends and enjoy the company with exchanging gifts and cards and devouring masses amounts of food.
It is a time to dress up in silly outfits, salute those who have passed before and recreate ancient traditions.
It is a time for celebration unless you are alone.
So as the dark skies and cold winds start filling the days, feel safe and comfortable next to your fires with your warm grogs and libations and pull around the family for the tradition will continue for another year. Take the photos and sings the songs and feel the warmth of togetherness.
Then as the light fades, comes the real winter of the New Year. For two or three months the frozen rain will cover the ground and the sun will only peek through on rare occasions and your friends will shuffle back to their caves. You are alone.
With the glorious wonder of winter and it’s sparkling snow and promise of a renewed Spring, there will be days of lost and days of darkness, yet the real trial is to make it through until the sun shines again and the warmth baths your face and your friends come out of hibernation to sing your wake up call.
Now is time to bundle up and hunker down and be prepared for the season of the witch.


Art said...

So... choose to not be alone.

TripleG said...

Cats nap until something exciting happens. So do we, it seems.