Monday, April 22, 2013

Messed Up

With all the motion and commotion going on today I messed things up. A generator grinding with hammering and power tools and bomb box and motion where there usually is no motion. People coming in and out, some doing the work and some giving an estimate for more work the construction zone was busy.
Since it was Earth Day I decided to join the fray. I picked up some branches that had fallen out with the last storm and then started on the vines. After filling one trash can I took a break.
On the way back I grabbed a limb from the old cherry tree next to the pond. It was pretty well rotted and I watched the critters jump on it as it swayed back and forth. I bent the four-foot log and it cracked off the stump. As I started carrying it back to the trash a black cap chickadee flew out from one of the holes.
For the past couple of months the black cap has been hanging around. For such a small bird it makes a lot of noise. When I would go to the store they would be the first to say, “Where have you been and where is my sunflower seed!” Tiny little guys who will bug there way in with the Jays and Cardinals and then fly out like a flash.
A couple had been playing on the dying branch digging holes in the trunk but I didn’t know they had nested there.
I realized what I had done after it cracked off in my hand so I gently carried it back to the fence and propped it up. I messed up.
The pair kept coming down to the stump and looking about then flying off again only to come back and look back and forth wondering what had happened to their home. I guess that is the feeling people have when a tornado goes through.
So with all the seed provided and protection available, I messed up on Earth Day. Hope they find or build another home here.

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Art said...

I know you feel bad. I'd feel bad too. That said the chickadees will rebuild. Put out some yarn and straw and fluff for nextbuilding!