Saturday, April 13, 2013

What are you doing to me?

Have you ever asked yourself that? You know those mornings when you had a little too much partying the night before and you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the face looking back. When your head pounds and your pants don’t fit do you ever listen to yourself asking, “What are you doing to me?”
In our youth we can excuse it to lack of knowledge or avoiding the good for the fun or knowing our bodies are invincible. We often cherish the experimental substances we put in our bodies or the strange concoctions of foreign ingredients to share in the experience. Sometimes we know better but adhere to peer pressure and regret it later.
Parental instructed warned us the moral sins of what we find brings us momentary pleasures. Government posters inform us of the proper food groups and the correct exercise positions but the video wasteland absorbs us into microwave mentality of immediate gratification. Fast foods avoided the kitchen and movies on demand complimented our excuse of being too tired. Our constant online activity, sometimes thought of as multi-tasking, drained our productive time and kept us awake hoping for another comment when we should be sleeping.
Besides, there is a pill or potion available that will fix whatever pain or illness we complain about. At least that is what the medical profession promises you.
So this sack of bones and blood and fluids that we carry around with us is our responsibility. Each of us is unique with different reactions and personal taste.
In the final analysis, we are what we are. Some who have lived the healthiest made fade early and some who live to abuse continue for no reason.
As we grow older take another look in the mirror and say, “You did this!”

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