Monday, April 15, 2013

No More Excuses!

Well it has come to this. The final piece of the puzzle is in place. Now it is my turn.
I’ve put off some of the chores that need to be done with all kinds of excuses. Need construction work. The weather is too cold/ too hot. Don’t have all the parts and pieces.
So today the refrigerator walked into the kitchen and found a spot. Hopefully the last of the big purchases is done and scratched off the to-do list. There are still the little tweaks like leveling and getting the gas hooked up to the stove, but all the rest is mine.
So the break in the rain and I’m off for a trip to the local food provider with a different look. Do you realize all the stuff that has to be refrigerated? All that stuff in those glass booths and shelves around the walls of the grocery need to be cold. Of course the ice cream and frozen pizza but also the dairy products and eggs and sandwich meat and even veggies. And where do we put leftovers?
So now there is this big black empty box for storage and a big black empty box for heat and a double-decked white box for cleaning. Wooden boxes with drawers and doors for everything else sit in position.
So there are no more excuses. Tomorrow is a trip to Lowes and two gallons of paint. Orange paint. Bright enough to collect the sunshine and wake up in the morning and give an inviting look to refine cooking skills. Even figuring what I’m going to put on the walls.
After a year of excuses and procrastination and laziness, it is time to get off my duff, put away the sabbatical and get to work. Besides the sun is warm, the birds are fed, and there is plenty of work ahead.

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