Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sharing With Friends

That is what we do. We experience occasions and special moments with friends. For the experience to become “special” must be shared.
The special movie isn’t so special if you can’t share it. Another to share the experience must read a book that was impressive. A concert’s performance can be a life changing experience and attended by thousands but unless you know any of them you cannot voice your feelings.
Like walking in the park and watching the sunset and the moonrise alone, maybe it never happened. Others were in the park and others were in the same moment but each experience was different.
When we get together with friends and family or strangers, we find the conversation usually turns to recent events that we have shared. We give our opinions and widen the experience from what others share.
So when the news is presented and those pretty faces are giving details as if they are better informed on the subject we stare and believe it all. Then we share our personal opinion of what was just experienced. Those who agree with our observation as our friends and those who do not?
Now with social media everyone can share their kid’s potty stories, the cute pets sleeping, their wild nights of bad behavior, their political passions, and a lot more. While we watch or even listen we can participate with comments to the experience whether true or false but it is not shared.
I’ve been surprised by some of the comments on social media. Perhaps a few taps of the keyboard allows people to make statements they would not do face-to-face. It may be easier to say what you think when you can delete the response.
Have no idea of what the answer is.

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