Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awkward Moment

We all have them. We have more of them than we think. Awkward moments may be how we learn to experience life?
You know that moment on a long road trip when suddenly the reaction to that burrito lets loose or walk in on your parents while they are making whoopy or opening the door to a port-o-potty and someone is still in there or belch while French kissing or finding your best friend making out with someone who is not his girlfriend; they are all awkward moments.
We stop for a moment, access the situation, get a goofy smile on our face, and back away. These moments can change our relationships with people or just burn an image that will continue to create nightmares.
What made these two words cross my mind is thinking about that moment in a party when you run out of things to say. Choosing between a handshake or a hug or a kiss after a first date is an awkward moment. Every gathering, whether with friends or work associates or networking occasions start the same way? Meeting an old schoolmate who remembers everything about you but you don’t remember their name is an awkward moment. First you introduce yourself. In some gatherings you are already known and in some you must wear a nametag. This can be stressful or comfortable but not awkward. The first time you get tailored trousers is an awkward moment. Second, you bring about your personality. If you are in a business situation there are professional topics and ideas to be discussed but no opinions. You spill a drink on your pants is an awkward moment. If you are in a friendly party the conversation usually involves family, health, vacations and whatever has been happening to each other since last we met. When you ask about someone only to find out they have just died is an awkward moment.
Then comes the gatherings’ awkward moment. After all the pictures are shown and the past history and jokes are put away, then comes the moment of what to do next.
Either the twister game comes out or another round of drinks are made to ease the tension. Even the best of friends can change their religious beliefs or political affiliations or social commitments over a period of time. We are willing to share more personal information on social media than face-to-face conversation because it avoids that awkward moment. Remembering what your mother said about wearing clean underwear in your girl friend’s bedroom is an awkward moment.
So in a couple of weeks a group of geezers will get together to celebrate being old. Some will be drinking and some will not. Some will be talking about their kids and some will not. Somewhere along the way a secret might sneak out or not.
I’ll let you know when we reach that awkward moment.

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Art said...

Nah, no weirdness amongst us. Hells bells, what "secrets" do we have anymore???