Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It seems to be happening more and more.
Look at the clock and it reads 5:55 or 11:11
or some set of triplicate numbers.
I’m sure I stare at the clock a million times a day
but triplicate numbers make me wonder.
Some may think it is coincidence.
Some may think it is just lucking timing.
I think it is a message.
A message sent from afar.
Some strange sense is sending this as a coded message.
Haven’t decoded the meaning yet.
So I just see the numbers and say them outloud.
Two twenty-two, more for me and more for you.
Five fifty-five, another good day to be alive.
Nine ninety-nine, you take yours and I’ll take mine.
Eleven-eleven, what happened to seven-seven-seven?

But this is what crazy people do.

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TripleG said...

"They're HEEERE!"