Monday, June 10, 2013

The Big Decision For The Day

It started out as a usual morning routine of getting out of bed, standing up, putting on my pants in the same pattern, slide on my slippers, put on my eyes, grab a pillow and walking into the other room to stare at the glass screen. It is such a routine pattern I do the same steps every day at the same time. I don’t have to think about it or decide what to do when I realize I am back for another day.
Seems my brother was married the same day that Johnny Depp was born. I don’t know what that means but I was only 14 at the wedding. I knew about girls but sure didn’t understand weddings. It was a nice ceremony with him in his white formal Virginia Tech uniform and her in the formal gown in the big church.
The rest of the morning is the same. I have a bottle of water, check some more email and silliness on the internet, make a cup of coffee, scratch off the previous day on the calendar noting my own mortality, minimum hygiene and stepping into the sunshine.
 Now it was time to make the BIG decision for the day. The only decision I really need to make today.
What will I eat?”
What will you be doing today?
Some decisions are made due to family activities. Some decisions are made due to friends request. Some decisions are made due to responsibilities. Some decisions are made due to a need to reward us.
Shoot you got the day off so go shopping then out to lunch or go to a movie or sit in the sunshine and read a book. Call a friend and cook a meal together or go out for drinks.
At this time in life, everyday is a day off.
I don’t need to shop. I’ve got all my basics and don’t want to waste the time of picking up towels or looking at the bins of unknown music. There is some shopping on my “to-do” list but it is more about paint than pillows. Going out to lunch alone is pathetic. One, there is nothing special a restaurant can prepare that I cannot make at home for much cheaper price and two, sitting alone at a table eating a hamburger watching the French Open over the bar is not my cup of tea. There are no movies or books of interesting and sitting outside just reminds me of all the stuff I have to do in the yard that I am not doing. All my friends are busy with family problems or I’ve lost contact with them and I don’t know what they prefer in cooking anyway. Besides, why would I want to dirty up my kitchen? Going out for drinks, my friends, being responsible people, want to leave early to go back to their families.
And I have everyday off.
So why not just hang out and maybe meet someone? There are several activities in town you could wander through and maybe meet someone? I am too old to play that game again. I’ve met some people, but Facebook is cheaper, easier, and less restricting.
So pulling out the pony what will be the BIG decision for today? What did I have to eat yesterday? (Note: this is a good question. Ask yourself this sometime.) What do I feel like today?
The past week has been noodle dishes, pizza, steak and cheese sandwiches, rice and red beans, and veggies. So going to the store is like writing a menu. Should it be prepared food or a mixture of ingredients?
The reality is I will go to the grocery store, wander the same aisles looking at all the flavors and try to find a taste for a meal. The worst part is I’m not hungry. I have no desire for any type of food so the decision is more difficult. Maybe I just don’t like to eat?
The final decision was egg/ ham/ cheese biscuits. Drop it in the microwave for two minutes and whatever that stuff is taste good after some pepper and hot sauce.

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