Friday, June 7, 2013

Reigned In

Almost every day at this time I am wandering around the neighborhood getting my breathing adjusted and some wind in my face. The heart pumps faster and the legs stretch from the nightly turns. The eyes get focused from the nightly blur of reading silliness of the screen to put my mind to rest.
But not today, I’ve been reigned in.
I did get semi-dressed and put out what remained of yesterday’s seed during a break in the rain. All the branches are sagging under the power and weight of the water falling from the sky. A brief spot of sunlight has gone back behind the clouds. A few of the crewe came out to shake off the night and get ready for the next round while others stayed home. I hear myself openly apologize to the yard that there is such a small buffet.
I stayed home.
On a damp dark day one must appreciate the sunlight and what that brings to our lives. Even the classical music seemed like a soundtrack to the heavy rain. No wakeup call from the yard from all those who had hunkered down knowing a storm was coming.
Past weeks have been concerned about all my friends. They all seem to be having medical or family problems. All these events are just part of life and will work out to memories as they always do. One person put stories of his late brother on social media and I thought that is an interesting way to pass on history.
And it is five o’clock somewhere. To entertain my eyes the French Open is presented. I missed the first four sets but the fifth set was worth it. I personally have not played tennis in years but two rackets hang on the wall. When I learned tennis I used wooden rackets that my parents had used in the 20’s. They were heavy and had a head about the size of a badminton racket. A decade ago when my family was on a exercise equipment buying binge, I noticed the current rackets. They were super light and had a head so large I wondered how you could ever miss a ball. So I put them in the cart with the jump rope and the yoga pad and the inflatable ball and all the other stuff. The hang on the wall waiting to be used, but I gave always all the other equipment. Today would be a bad day to play tennis, like playing golf in a lightning storm.
Maybe when the sports or beer runs out, I’ll go inside and pull the clothes out of the drier? Maybe I’ll put away the winter clothes? Maybe I’ll scrape the walls? Maybe I’ll dust off a guitar? Maybe I’ll paint? Maybe I’ll draw? Maybe I’ll order a cymbal online? Maybe I won’t? Maybe I’ll take a nap and listen to the rain? Maybe I’ll make a plate of lasagna?
It is just a rainy day in just another life but I’m a prisoner to the weather. Unable to ride my pony in the sunshine I, like my crewe, will hunker down and obey nature until it passes. The weather reports keeps scrolling that we will get up to 4” of rain today. I guess I don’t have to put the sprinkler out.

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Lasagna sounds good!