Saturday, July 27, 2013


Sorry, I only used the picture to attract your attention.
Ever notice we all have opinions? With all our different upbringings and experiences and influences, we see a topic and have an opinion on it.
Just look at the comments during the last election. Actually any topic or new feed or even photo or video that social media provides for our amusement, we have an opinion and we make a comment. Some of our comments, in today’s microwave mentality world, are just stupid, or rude, or misinformed, or prejudiced, or just silly.
Love to give your opinion? Sure you do. “That dress looks great.” Or “I’d paint that in a shade of red.” Or “My uncle had a big red lump on his head that looked like that and he died.” We can’t help ourselves. We just chime in whether asked or not. We just think our idea should be heard.
Bring a baby in the room and listen to all the comments. This is all our learning process, but…. There is another side.
Luckily I live in a land where people can post their comments and thoughts and ideas freely without much coincidence to the opinion. Sometimes it is a learning experience and sometimes it is just ridiculous, but it is available. If not, we would all think the same way.
Growing up I learned history of my state from a book. Everyone in the classroom had the same book. Everyone in the city school system had the same book so we all learned the same history. When we asked our friends about a topic we all knew the answer. There was no alternatives or a Google to explore. I did get the World Book encyclopedia but it was out of date by the time it arrived. The dictionary was the same. There was the library but who wanted to dig through all that ancient history in hopes to find something different? Our parents were taught much of the same thing so they figured our latest textbooks were the best information to teach us.
Then someone comes along with a different idea. An opposite solution to the invasion of this continent or the rights of it’s natural inhabitants or maybe, just maybe, some of it’s present residents should have more freedoms. Then you get your dander up over a new idea that is different from what we have taught or told was the truth, we roll up our sleeves and get ready to duke it out to prove our way is the best way. It is the “us” or “them” mentality.
We form supports groups to re-enforce “our” opinions. Whether it is republicans or democrats, Buddhist or Methodist or Lutheran or Episcopalian or Protestant or Baptist or Muslin or Jew or etc., Rotary or Kiwanis, liberal or conservative, pro-life or pro-rights, warrior or pacifist, husband or wife, well you see where I’m going. There is always another side to the story.
Are we analytical enough to listen and learn? Even single cell beings learn to adapt to changing surroundings. Are we intelligent enough to be pliable to new ideas or are we so full of biases we can never bend?
“Yeah, I agree with you, but…”

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TripleG said...

To paraphrase Mark Twain, "when I observe the ways of amoebae and those of men, I am forced to conclude that amoebae are the more intelligent."