Friday, July 5, 2013

Do you poop in heaven?


Sorry but the topic is on my mind. Riding around clearing my head while going to the store for more critter chow I pass a spent firecracker and think about the story of the boy who was killed by someone who decided to celebrate the holiday by firing a gun into the air not thinking that the bullet will come down somewhere.
So what is it like in heaven? We all have our visions of what we would like to think we are about to experience. We think of angles and harps and wonderful things like the Good Book describes.
Heaven, I guess, where everything is good and there is no bad. Crime? Don’t worry about it. Transportation? What? You got wings. Food? You can eat whatever you want at anytime. Doesn’t sound too bad until you wonder…. Do you poop in heaven?
I mean down here on this little blue marble everyone poops. It seems that no matter who you are or where you live or if you speak the same language or how rich you are or if you are religious or not or you rule a country or just sweep the floors; you poop.
Seems that our bodies are set up to want more grub than it can consume so sometime during the day, we got to go to potty. As we get older or even younger, there is a whole industry ready to catch our poop. What about heaven?
I just thought about this. If it is heaven and you can eat whatever you want whenever you want for how much you want; you wouldn’t get fat. Shoot this is heaven. I bet no one up in heaven poops. They probably don’t have plumbing.
Just imagine that you don’t have to clean up kitty litter or take your dog for a walk. No t-paper or even toilets. Sounds like heaven?
You may think you will hear some great music from Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison or Brian Jones or any other musician who has gone before? Guess what? These guys, and gals (thanks Janis) have sinned enough to go to that other place. So heaven may just be filled Muzak.
Those guys and gals are down at the other place. And the hell for them is their instruments are always out of tune.

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