Saturday, July 27, 2013

If there were going to be a movie about your life; what actor would play you?

This subject came up when I talking to some college buddies about our adventures and what an interesting book we could write. It would probably be interesting enough to become a movie. Then one of my amigos sent me a name to an actor he chose to play him in the movie.
Now I’m not current with celebrity so I had to Google the name. It was an interesting choice but then I thought about the concept. Who would you choose from actors’ current or past in screen, stage, television, living or animated to play you?
Of course the first choice would be the latest and greatest hunk or most popular cover model, but would that person best represent you?
Remember all these characters have influenced you through the years. We want to think we can dance like Fred Astaire, sing like Elvis Presley, be as suave as Humphrey Bogart and be as adventurous as Harrison Ford. Reality is a bit duller.
Those parent/teachers meeting, trips to the hospital, eating popcorn in bed while watching some sappy soap opera, long hours in boring meetings, and answering marketing phone calls at dinnertime are among the every day events of our lives. Then again we all have those moments in our lives where we may travel to far off places, participate in unusual events, and maybe some experience that will last with you throughout the years and maybe even define you.
This silly experiment is also a good way to look in the mirror and decide who you really are.
Me? Who would play me? Johnny Depp would be the first course, but I think I’m more of a mix of John Belushi and Jack Nickolson with a hint of Red Buttons thrown in.

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TripleG said...

Belushi for sure.
I'm thinking I'd rather be Sean Connery...but probably, more likely, Woody Allen!

OK, who else? This should be amusing.