Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yes, Ma’am

You probably don’t hear it. Not many of us do. It starts in the mating ritual. We go through that awkwardness of, as they say, feeling each other out. Does she like this? Will he like that?
But with some separation and careful analysis, I see an interesting phenomenon. In these couples who have been together for more than the courting period and have become comfortable with each other have settled into an interesting power structure.
I’ve seen couple that I consider perfectly matched have these interesting conversations of choices. A couple, when challenged by a family situation, must make a decision. As much as we would like to believe that it is a communicable agreement, someone will come out on top.
An easy problem can become a balance of power within a relationship. And from what I see, the ladies win. Now I’m not saying the “weaker sex” or anything like that, I just notice this weird reaction between men and women.
Boys, you know all those years when we are hot and bothered for those soft and squeeze ladies to be part of our existence, we tend to bend our ideals and convictions for the warmth of a companion.
My theory is that guys are just dogs. Roll us around and rub our tummies and we will do anything. Shoot we swallowed that apple invite.
Perhaps it is a polite salutation when we say, “Yes Ma’am” or maybe just a desire to comply with a request. Are we docile or fulfilling an official requirement of partnership? Do we conform to what other couples do and say in a desire to fit in? Or are you male species to docile to force the issue?
The male species may be trained to be obedient or compliant to the wishes of the feminist creatures we pursue but in the long run the answer is… “Keep her happy and everyone is happy.”
Not saying that us boys is stupid and you gals have us by the gonads, but we do tend to follow your instructions. As my brother suggested from the Good Book; what about Joseph? You know the guy who met a girl and she said she was knocked up by an angle and he should take care of her. What did he do?

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