Monday, July 4, 2016

Hey Babe


It is raining today. It has been raining for a couple of days and is fairly cool. Doesn’t feel like July but they say, those who predict, that the heat will be on for the rest of the week. At least it will cut down on the fireworks.
There was a break this morning (I check the radar) and got to the Tummy Temple in time for some resupply of blueberries and my medicine. Yes, still ride every day. A couple of days last winter in the snow, I had to walk and push the bike, but only a couple of days. I still try to get out before noon and beat the traffic.
Spring was pretty wet and mild. Had one big blow that came through but Puppywoods handled it like a champ. A couple of big trees came down in the neighborhood but never lost power here.
I’m trying to trim up the yard and take out some trees. Preparing for older age when an easy manage yard becomes unmanageable. Had some branches over the house removed and some volunteer trees taken out. Been trimming back the bamboo that I let go for a couple of years and it went wild. Cut everything I can by hand and now it is time for the power saw.
Also got some windows replaced, some deck work done and the front painted (because I just wasn’t getting around to it). Speaking of painting…
Imagine me this: A handicap guitar playing computer nerd sailor, a deaf digital musical composer ex-librarian weaver, a tall lanky pontificating needy world traveling ex-history teacher with a bad knee, and a pompous gregarious alcoholic esteemed ex-bureaucrat enter a room.
That’s it. No punch line because it happened. Right here in the living room. The thought was well intention but it did turn into a circus. Still these folks from 40 years ago were fun to talk to and catch up over some crappy rice crackers, hummus and stale cheese. It was a sort of a reunion and later I did get back on the water.
Other than that the neighborhood has been pretty quiet. People come and go but Mister Timberlake is still here so I’m not the oldest one. The folks on the corner have two boys about the same age so there is screaming around dusk. Mostly the kids stay inside and there hasn’t been much construction going on. The woman behind with the two dogs is keeping me up with the 811 on the folks and the goings on. Blue and Milly got old and died so she has two new sheltered tick hounds. One was a bit skittish of men but I’m winner her over with treats. Mostly I just see folks when they walk by at dusk when I sit on the porch and rock and stare at my tree.
The yard is still a sea of activity and the bunnies have been multiplying as bunnies do. They have a feeding time of 11, 1 and 3…well maybe one more if they ask. There are the twins and two more that hang around all day. If they scoot, I stop and talk to them and it seems to help them recognize me. The little ones, about the size of Beau-Beau, come out about dusk. There must be a half a dozen of them everywhere and by the look of the randy twins, there was more on the way. Puppywoods remains a calm nursery for all the critters.
The grey jays arrived on Earth Day and brought their relatives; as curious as ever and talking to me every morning. This year the Robins are hanging out more. Must be the blueberry buffet?  Beau-Beau’s brood woke up late but is going wild now. Al and Ollie have moved on to parts unknown but it was fun to have him here.
I had to get a new patio umbrella due to the Peties hiding and chewing up the old one. As usual it was a project to get all the parts and pieces, but I’m starting to order online now. Will move the table back to the patio where you intended and make some more room. Had the pond filled in because there is this mosquito virus scare and I didn’t want the city or the neighbors to get all fussy about my big hole in the ground? Trying to make things simple, I’ve taken up some of the wooden fence pathways that were crumbling and moving some of the stepping-stones instead. Probably need to order a dolly because them suckers are heavy for an old man to carry. Once it gets really, really hot and sticky, I’ve got plenty of sticks and rotten boards to cut up.
Been on a buying spree for guitars. If I do something good, then I reward myself with a guitar. I’ve always been a gear head but never had the money to buy the guitars I really wanted. Now I can, so I have and I think I’ve run out of what I always wanted to play to having them within reach. Every boy needs his toys.
 Other than that, life is pretty routine. I eat one meal a day because eating just isn’t interesting. I’ve tried every type of food I can think of and nothing has been interesting or even tasty. I don’t go out because it is a frustrating experience for badly prepared over priced unexciting meals. Instead I go to the store’s deli and get a prepared salad or sandwich or have a bowl of soup. Now and then I’ll prepare a meal but then I’ve got to wash the dishes and I’m not good at cleaning up.
I’ve cut out television except for football games and then that is just background noise. Haven’t recorded much music recently and thus haven’t been playing all those guitars much. Listen to NPR regularly (yes, they got the your July 4th donation along with PBS) and get news online. Spend too much time online, but don’t have it on my phone.
There is an election coming up and it has been a disappointment to a 240-year-old nation. This here social media has everyone becoming an opinionated expert and there are some very strange thoughts out there. Also the established news sites are starting to become soft news of entertainment and videos from social media.
By having more time to analysis the statements and contemplate the comments, I’ve become more cynical. Other than this blog, I rarely comment anymore and have fewer friends. Looking back on the past year subjects of death, religion, friendship, and loneliness repeat themselves. There seems to be an increasing number of killings (or at least reports of) so the world might just be going mad. The videos of 911 and the Challenger that you saw over and over and over again, are happening more frequently and on every media. Mass murders are now called terrorism. All this mayhem seems to relate to religion but the world has a long history of this. Along with the entire gun violence there has been a gender revolution. Same sex marriage and transgender toilet rights have taken the headlines coming out of the closet. The confederate flag can’t be seen anymore and it is OK to play games on your phone instead of driving. The congress has stopped and the wars drag on.
Other than the critters, I don’t see many folk. The guys at the Tummy Temple know me but other than that, I don’t even get emails. I can keep up with folks on Facebook and occasionally have a lunch or drink out but am very happy with my own self.
My brother, I think, got the same back problem I had. From what I heard it sure sounded the same. He just got an operation and hoping for the best. I felt his pain and am still very careful.
The new neighbor evangelical couple next door had their car stolen and moved and (according my 811 information) the girl on the other side is thinking about moving. As long as no cats and screaming rug rats, I’m fine.
Still got lots of projects and rooms to paint but there is always tomorrow. About time to go out to the porch and watch the darkness rise and listen to the silence.
And “Yes”, I still wear the key.

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