Sunday, July 17, 2016

I’m Not Putting You In My Movie

Are you worth it? What are you worth? Did you accomplish something during your time taking up space on this planet or did you just fill in a gap left by another with another one filling in when you are gone?
Did you fulfill your parent’s dreams? Were you the maternal satisfaction of your mother’s needs or just a mistaken night of passion on your father’s part? Did you get good grades and have perfect attendance scores in school? Did you wear goofy clothing and get bad haircuts due to outdated taste beyond your control? Did you perform stupid acts of silliness to entertain the elders? Did you eat everything that was placed upon your dinner plate? Did you get a letter for your sweater by playing basketball or cheer for the team? Did you listen at the bedroom door while you mom and dad were making your baby brother or go through their underwear drawer? (Ewww factor) Did you date a person your parent’s hooked you up with and were miserable? Did you sneak out at night and sneak back in without getting caught?
So then the old folk kick you out of the house and you are on your own. How did you do? Did the formal education you were not paying attention to sound good on your employment application? How about your grade point average? Where any of your references other than family? Did you smarten up your look to become more appropriate to the potential employer? Did you hush your thoughts to agree with political speak? Did you earn your pay?
Did you follow your dream career or settle on a job for pay? Did you give into the American dream and purchase whatever the advertising stream suggested? Did you fall into the acceptable modes of your workmates and your neighbors and lose your original values? Did you teach your children a proper path of exploration or fill them with your prejudices and bigotries?
So if you cast for my movie, could you portray beyond your personal limitations? Could you become a character that has emotional attraction or will your physiological disabilities overwhelm the audience?

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