Thursday, July 7, 2016

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Suppose the application looked more like this?

1.    Been Married
2.    Been divorced
3.    Been remarried
4.    Been widowed
5.    Fell in love
6.    Gone on a blind date
7.    Danced till the music stopped
8.    Touched the opposite sex
9.    Touched the same sex
10.Skipped school
11.Failed a grade
12.Watched someone give birth
13.Watched someone die
14.Been to Canada
15.Ridden in an ambulance
16.Been to Hawaii
17.Been to Europe
18.Been to Las Vegas
19.Been to Washington D.C
20.Been to Nashville
21.Visited Florida
22.Visited Mexico
23.Seen the Grand Canyon in person
24.Flown in a helicopter
25.Been on a cruise
26.Served on a jury
27.Been in a movie
28.Danced in the rain
29.Been to Los Angeles
30.Been to New York City
31.Played in a band
32.Sang karaoke
33.Laughed so much you cried
34.Laughed so hard you pee’d
35.Caught a snowflake on your tongue
36.Had children
37.Had a pet(s)
38.Been sledding on big hill
39.Been downhill skiing
40.Been water skiing
41.Shot the pier surfing
42.Rode on a motorcycle
43.Tried drugs
44.Became addicted
45.Had withdrawal
46.Gotten a speeding ticket
47.Wrecked a car
48.Fired a gun
49.Shot a bow and arrow
50.Been shot
51.Taken care of a sick patient
52.Been taken care of
53.Joined a church
54.Joined an army
55.Wore a tuxedo
56.Brush your teeth
57.Had a bad hair day
58.Popped a pimple
59.Wore dirty underwear
60.Woke up in the afternoon
61.Stole something
62.Passed out
63.Destroyed property
64.Been robbed
65.Know your shirt size
66.Wear comfortable shoes
68.Been fired
69.Been bullied
70.Had a fist fight
71.Walked in a parade
72.Rooted for a team
73.Forgotten where the keys are
75.Couldn’t pay the bill
76.Picked up the tab
77.Changed your sex
78.Crashed your computer
80.Had a brother or a sister
81.Was a single parent
83.Watched porn
84.Filmed porn
88.Had a bad haircut
89.Got a raise
90.Got a pay cut
91.Made a loan
92.Made a friend
93.Fed a wild animal
94.Swam in the ocean
95.Jumped out of an airplane
97.Got lost
98.Attended a funeral
99.Rode a bike
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TripleG said...

Only The Most Interesting Man in Richmond would have done all that!