Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Log

Puppywood’s Log 7.24.16.
9:38 - Load noise awakes me. Low flying jet. Don’t like low flying jets. Sheets and pillows wet. No bugs.
10:40 - No blood in mouth. Choose music for the day. 81° inside. Hotter outside. Trio of bunnies get blueberry breakfast. Still air.
11:10 – Last small cart. No fresh blueberries. Parking lot packed. Meet a Pretty woman at the freezer. Will they let me sleep here? Credit card worked today.  Note: the tar on the road is boiling.
11:45 – Fence gate is broken. Nail broken. Fix it some other day. Too hot to work. Sit in front of fan. Towel off. Towel off again.
12:00 – Put out watermelon. Forgot seed.
12:45 – Finally cooler. Hydration begins. Radio is on for stories and music.
13:00 – Put out first load of frozen blueberries. Celtic music mixed with bird’s songs. Hotter temps. Refer to social media but no mass shootings yet. Theory: Maybe too hot to shoot?
13:28 – All watermelon gone. All peanuts depleted.
14:50 – Potty duty done. Almost wilted salad covered in pepper and Russian dressing consumed. Second six-pack started. Maybe should turn on a fan since it is 86° in the house. It is radio time for news and political observations.
16:10 – Last of the frozen blueberries today. Quiet around. Smart people are staying inside with air conditioning. Some have 105° air blow. Seems tomorrow will be the same.
16:45 – Getting sleepy. Staying wet. Seems the same tomorrow.
17:00 – Another low fly jet. Scratching beard. Maybe need a trim? Eyes keep closing.
17:40 – On to the next six-pack. Yard is getting quiet. Time to empty the recycle and then cool down again. It is that hot.
18:00 – Two bunnies disappointed there are no more blueberries. Flies are out and getting in the way. The radio presents onto the subject of social psychology after WWII. Still quiet out and appreciated. Poor kids stuck inside.
19:35 – Interesting respect of my hometown selling people to other people. Close eyes and rest on elbow. Still very hot.
20:22 – Darkness starts to arrive. Onto Opera and classical music. Quick attempt to rest or nap but it is 88° in the house.  A fine dinner of mixed beans and buttered bread fill in the heat. The bugs are back but they will go out with the trash.
21:35 – The simplest effort produces sweat. Eliminates any desire to create thought. Eyes won’t stay open. Wet shirt and pants.
22:51 – Fading fast. Heat, even in the dark, is unrelenting. Inspirational hymns and a college friend preaching.
23:30 – Enough for today. I give up. Heat you win. Tomorrow will be the same so I will relent to you for the night and struggle under the blanket of summertime knowing there will be fall not too far away.

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