Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sometimes I just don’t get it?

So as a somewhat educated and fairly read person of this world with some experience of dealing with people through a for-profit service industry manipulating their psychosis and convincing them to part with their profits in an overpriced somewhat useful manner that was available at the time when print ruled the world.
Even to be of the age of observing cultural shifts through the years, I awake to amazing visions and news of our current society and wonder why.
Now there is ultimate research than can immediately be examined and data compared to what is presented from established news agencies as truth yet there is a flavor of prejudice in the talking heads.
“….At least….dead….” the reports says. Do they not know how to make a body count? Are they so busy trying to put a spin on the news that they can’t do the math? Are the weapons used so destructive now that the parts have to be reassembled to number the dead?
And when does friendly celebrity smiling faces that also present the weather and traffic reports present these daily reports of death and carnage and anger. Understanding the new media has to struggle to attention they start to give messages of regret and offer condolences to the families of the departed. Along with offering videos from viewers to announcing what dogs and cats are available from the local shelters, when did the news producers become churches?
So old anger festers and revives what used to be not spoken about. People seem to feel it is right to carry a weapon to the coffee shop and I wonder why? We as a society seemed to accept the military and the police to carry weapons but the common neighbor? Are we all to strap on like the ole Wild West and have shot outs in the street? Seems like it since the nightly news reports on the numbers shot the day before.
So we turn to the political race only to be insulted by insults and accusations from persons never highly respected but it seems to be the best choice this nation can come up with and the general public eats it up like some reality show. For some reason beyond my comprehension there are still reports of what Sarah Palin says? What about what Kim Kardashian thinks?
Shift to entertainment and violent movies reign with nudity and loud music trying to sell more stale popcorn, but no one needs to go to the theatre anymore for there is the cell phone. Even with the huge home entertainment screens and the endless variety of bad programming, it seems we prefer to be constantly connected to watch a 2” x 2” screen while walking, talking, eating, sleeping, driving; as if the next text or tweet or message or….will be the most important life changing event?
There is so much I just don’t understand.
Why would people run with wild bulls to be gorged or trampled only to sacrifice them later before cheering crowds? Why would people of one religion have to impose their will on another religion to the point of starting a war? Why is half of our population treated so badly because of their gender? Why are animals kept in cages when it is their world too?
The list goes on and on and never stops amazing me with how incredibly insensitive our supposed superior race have clogged up our waters and cluttered our heavens with little concern for each other?
Soon I will be gone and another generation can apply their take on this thing called life….unless a meteor comes crashing into this blue marble and ends it for all.

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