Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fund Me

There seems to be many of these requests under different names but the idea is to get people with cash in their pockets to invest.
This is what started the stock market for people of wealth to share their dollars in hopes of making more dollars. Folks who had an idea but not enough cash to get it started depended on others to invest. Banks would give loans with interest if the credit standing were approved.
People could save up their own cash to fund a new business or manufacture a new item that might sell and profit or go bust. Take your chances and own the risk.
So today it seems everyone is begging for money. Want to buy a pool? Get a kick-starter. Want to take your family on vacation? Hit the social media button. Make a good enough case and the bit coins will fly in.
Got a date with Joan and can’t afford flowers and dinner….. hit the computer. It is like a slot machine full of possible money without payback. Throw in some rare disease and what the money roll in. Add a picture of a sick puppy and wham-o you are getting rich. Talk about your war injury and the patriots will fund American heroes. Tell the reading public that Joan is suffering from addiction and you are saving her for God….Bingo! Jackpot!
What is the use of working a mundane job for a meager salary when people will just send you money for your clever thoughts? Yet if no one is working, where does all the money come from?
Think I’ll apply for government grants to research that question.

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