Sunday, July 9, 2017

I’m Pathetic

It looks like a nice day today. Plenty of sleep and sunshine morning but a twinge in my back. Not hungry and the coffee is just dirty water. It’s 80 in the house at 7:30AM. Find yesterday’s shirt and the cleanest dirty shorts. Each pair of sweat shorts has sweat stains that will not wash out but they don’t have enough holes in them to only be worn in the yard until they become paint rags. “White haired person come this way” is overheard in the Indian voice. Other than that the yard is quiet. Too early for the critters but not the backyard neighbor. More guys out than normal but maybe this is early enough for the guys to get out of the house? Too early for traffic but not mowing the lawn. Is that Rick Flair jogging with a stick? Just nod acknowledgement of another human being but no talking. These folks are strangers. Neighbors, but strangers. New road sign finally replaced and the old iron sign removed yesterday. It has white letters on a green background. Green? Not brown like the Fan District or blue like the Museum District but our neighborhood is not a district. Where did that drain come from? I’d passed this block time-after-time, everyday and had never noticed that drain. Why would there be a drain in the middle of the block? This is a long block that is really two blocks put together. Well maybe it has something to do with half the block being in the city and half the block being in the country? Like why do some blocks have sidewalks and some don’t? And on some blocks one house will have a sidewalk and the next one doesn’t?  Everyday is an adventure and these are the thoughts that fill the head under the Styrofoam helmet religiously strapped on everyday. Squeeze the brakes, follow the same route, move around the couple pushing their infant riding a plastic buggy with load wheels and avoiding the car coming in the opposite direction while not trying to hit a pothole or manhole cover. It is still early so the parking lot is pretty empty. Still a guys day in the store so it is fairly easy to move about. Blueberries? Check. Watermelon? Check. Also comment to the guy restocking the fruit that “Watermelon is a real hit in my yard” Why do I tell this guy something he certainly doesn’t understand without a back-story but there is no time for explanations. Now that I’m here a decision needs to be made for ‘what’s for supper?’ Pass the frozen dinners and the still locked up pharmacy one wonders… “what did I eat yesterday?” and “what do I have in the cupboard?” BBQ! I have leftover BBQ still in the mug. And I’ve got to eat that bread before those fuzzy things happen. There is that egg in a box but I’d have to cook so maybe another sandwich. Not too much trouble and will fill me up for another day. Not totally healthy but filling. Asked a southern girl from Tennessee yesterday about what to put on BBQ and she suggested a thing called ‘sticky fingers’. Like the name and the record so make a big sweep around the guy more pathetic than me looking at his grocery list as if it were written in a foreign language. He’ll be on the phone in a minute. Down to the condiment aisle to the hot sauces I’m so familiar with. BBQ sauce? Where are you? Oh they’re on the right. There are so many choices. That one looks good with the name Stubbs and a black guy who looks like he does know how to cook. There is one from a Bob and Ray and not sure if that is a comedy team of cooking experts? I’ve not seen their show on PBS. Normally I go local for Sauer BBQ sauce but it is a rarity to find and not today. There it is! ‘Sticky Fingers’. Should I buy it? It is only $1.29 and the sign says ‘local’ but there are two choices? What the heck like is about the adventure so go for the Original. What else would make a dull sandwich more exciting on a Sunday? Cole slaw!! That almost makes it sound healthy. “Hello Katy” as I say the first real words of the day. To another human being. Being a constant customer to the Tummy Temple I get recognized and since they are all wearing nametags have made it a habit during my brief conversation at the checkout lane to acknowledge them. Katy, the short stout fiery redhead with all the jewelry notices the ‘sticky fingers’ sauce and comments that it is good as the guy before me still hasn’t filled his bags.  I tell Brian that the watermelon is a hit in the yard as Katy shifts to the next customer and Brian just grunts. I don’t think he really likes this job. Not a cloud in the sky but the traffic is starting to get erratic so take some time. Not many faces going home but the hands and legs know the way to a well-traveled path. The back is loosened and the knees remind age is not your partner. The jays call as soon as I get over the gravel but the yard is still asleep. Blueberry time is call and seed is poured with the invitation (out loud) “come and get it…. soup’s on”. Who am I saying this to at this early morning hour? Put the store of blueberries in the refrigerator along with the watermelon and slaw but no room for the soda pop so I’ll put them in later as the room becomes available. The yard still hasn’t woken up but the radio shows bring me back to a different time and give me the chuckle for the day. “Maybe it is time to make that sandwich Cliffie” I hear someone say. Oh, it is I in a thick cockney accent as I do when I talk to myself out loud. “Why yes, Cliffie I believe it may be time to fill the belly with sustenance and fodder”. “Then I suggest we get a move on and make us that sandwich that isn’t so appealing but necessary.” “Why certainly Cliffie, after you.”
adjective: pathetic
description: arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness.
synonyms: pitiful, pitiable, piteous, moving, touching, poignant, plaintive, distressing, upsetting, heartbreaking, heart-rending, harrowing, wretched, forlorn

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