Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who Are These People?

Every morning this week I’ve been hearing about the massive forest fires burning. Due to climate change or drought once a forest gets started burning dry vegetation is a wonderful fuel and with a breeze can spread quickly.
So I hear these reports from government officials saying they are using every resource to try and control Mother Nature. When fire spreads it doesn’t care if it is a tree or a house, it is fuel.
My question is who are these people that go into a very threatening and dangerous situation to help strangers save their property, animals and perhaps themselves for blistering heat and flame?
Unlike soldiers or police who run toward danger, these fire fighters are only there to stop the danger with water and dirt.
Seems the U.S. Forestry Services, you know Smokey the Bear and caretakers of our natural parks, get volunteers of folks who will carry 70 lb. packs and wear heavy clothing and helmets and walk for miles up steep terrain to dig trenches and chop down trees and try to stop Mother Nature from causing more catastrophe.
Our taxes pay for their meals and clothing and training and cots but it is the people who make the difference to continue to go back again and again making a war on fiery disaster.
Like many professions; teachers, police, trash removers, etc. cannot be fairly compensated for the amount of difficult work in stressful conditions with little appreciation.
I applaud these folks who put themselves in harms way to save our forest and grasslands for they are also home for others.

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