Saturday, July 22, 2017

I have a pre-existing condition

I’m crazy.
Not bat-chit crazy with foaming mouth and coats that tie in the back, but somewhat not normal.
Is crazy on the affordable health care act/bill of the past several years that cannot come to fruition? What do they offer for crazy?
This insurance thing has gone on and on and no one seems to know what to do. Why is that?
Have we made the simple care of professional health care workers taking care of the sick and injured so difficult that even an act of congress can’t solve it?
Yet everyday there is the sound of sirens carting the broken to the nearest health center to try to be patched up. The same with every war movie when the first words you hear after the bullets start to fly is “Medic”.
No one ask for your insurance carrier on whether you can afford the services being provided to keep you alive.
Still somebody has to pay for the gasoline, the tubes and pouches and needles and uniforms and vehicles that come at the beckoned call for assistance.
Those big fancy buildings with admission and tiled hallways and gurneys and all sorts of flashing light machines and nice people dressed in scrubs to check on your chart will still have to pay the light bill for life support won’t matter if the plug is pulled by the power company for delinquent payment.
Insurance is a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. Insurance is indemnity, indemnification, assurance, (financial) protection, security, and coverage. Insurance is a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. Insurance is protection, defense, safeguard, security, hedge, precaution, provision, surety, immunity, guarantee, and warranty for peace of mind.
From what I understand, you pay premiums for a policy with clauses and restrictions and agree to co-pay before the insurance is needed and the insurance company says, “You are covered”. Just keep paying on time.
The idea, I believe, is to get everyone to buy into the insurance plan so if one or another gets sick or request payment assistance there will be this big pot of money to draw from to ‘cover’ the cost.
Maybe they forgot that when all those horny solders came back from WWII they made babies. Lots of babies who are not getting to the ripe old age of needing more and more health care. Can we afford it?
I personally have all the respect for the health care providers. It is a nasty, messy, smelly professions with little appreciation but those you are helping are at their most vulnerable.
I also appreciate insurance for I’ve had catastrophic events that would have required me to sell my house to compensate if I’d not had insurance.
So the discussion will continue and people will get sick and people will be hurt and people will die and insurance won’t pay for all of it.
What do they do for crazy?

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